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CLA Newsletter Volume 1.1 April 1994


Welcome to the Cantonese Language Association

Thanks to all who participated in the inaugural meeting of the Cantonese Language Association (CLA) in March in conjunction with the Association for Asian Studies. Special thanks to the National Council of Organizations of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL) for hosting and supporting a meeting in Washington, D.C. this last January which led to the formal organization of CLA. For those of you who were not able to attend the March meeting at ASS, I am pleased to announce that we were able to finish work on the bylaws that were put together by the drafting committee. We also received a unanimous vote in favor of ratification of the draft bylaws and elected three initial board members (Dana Bourgerie, James Dew and Samuel Cheung). I was asked to be the first secretary and so I begin my duties by welcoming you to our new association. In the short time since the first meeting in Boston, I have received numerous inquiries about the CLA and quite a few membership applications. There indeed seems to be broad interest in our new association. To begin to fulfill one of the associations main objectives---to facilitate communication amongst Cantonese specialists---I am sending out this first edition of the association's occasional newsletter. In this issue, you will find a membership list with phone numbers postal addresses and e-mail addresses. In response to requests for information on Cantonese teaching materials, this issue also includes a preliminary, unannotated bibliography of teaching materials. I invite you to look at the list and send your own additions and/or notes and comments for a future updated and annotated version. References to video sources and learning software are also welcome. Lastly, I am enclosing a membership form. Please distribute it to interested persons.

I hope that this newsletter will serve us well, and I welcome your suggestions for inclusion in future editions.

Dana Bourgerie, General Secretary

E-mail Group Messages

For the moment there is no Cantonese-List newsgroup. However, I am willing to post messages to a group mailing list that is maintained with the CLA records. If you have a message that you would like to get to those in the membership, send it to and it will be posted to the group.

Cantonese Materials Bibliography

The following list is in response to requests for a list of texts and references for Cantonese. Note also that there is an ongoing bibliography project on Cantonese materials by Weiping Wu of CAL and T.J. Tinabusch, UCLA (see Projects In Progress below). Additions, comments and annotations are welcome.


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Leung, Peter C.Y. Essential Cantonese Reader with six cassette tapes, U.C., Davis.

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Kwan, Wah Choi. The Right Word in Cantonese. Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, 1989. Computer Programs

Leung, Peter C.Y. Cantonese Pronunciation in Hyper Card U.C., Davis. Projects In Progress Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

Cantonese Pre-CPT, CPT
language Materials Project (LMP) (Weiping Wu with T.J. Tinabusch, UCLA)
Hong Kong Linguistics Society
Development of new standard Cantonese romanization system
James Dew (Johns Hopkins)
Accelerated program materials for Mandarin speakers (on hold at present)
Character index for Sidney Lau Dictionary (Completed)
Ohio State/CALL
Intermediate Cantonese Materials project (Galal Walker, Matthew Christensen, Xiaobin Jian)

Cantonese Programs College Level

U.C., Davis
Brigham Young University
Cornell University
Foreign Service Institute
Indiana University
San Francisco City College
San Jose State University
U.C., Berkeley (inactive)
University of Hawaii Hong Kong
City Polytechnic of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic
Chinese University of Hong Kong (New Asia/Yale-in -China)
Hong Kong University
Hong University of Science and Technology Guangdong
Jinan University
Zhongshan University
Huanan University Announcements

In Memory

We are sad to note the passing of one of the most influential figures in the field of Chinese Linguistics in this century Professor Chou Fa-kao, who died in June.


ICCL-3 The Third International Conference on Chinese Linguistics. City Polytechnic of Hong Kong July 14-17, 1994.

Technology and LanguageInternational Conference on New Technologies in Teaching and Learning Chinese. Clarion Hotel, San Francisco, CA. April 28-30, 1994. For further information, contact CLERC at (415) 259-2100 or (415) 259-2108 (fax) Yue Dialects

The Fourth Annual Conference on Cantonese and Other Yue Dialects was held at City Polytechnic of Hong Kong December 17-19. CLA Business Meeting CLA will be having a business meeting in conjunction with the 1994 Chinese Language Teachers Association meeting in Atlanta. The Meeting will be held on November 18 at 6:15-7:15pm. CFLTA Panel Description At the Annual Conference of the California Foreign Language Teachers Association held at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt on April 23, K.C. Leung of San Jose State chaired a roundtable discussion on Cantonese textbooks and teaching materials. Panelists included Samuel Cheung of U.C. Berkeley, Peter Leung of U.C. Davis, and Christiana Yee of City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State. The session was well attended, and the discussion animated. K.C. Leung opened the discussion by asking the panelists what sort of textbook they would like to see available, and how existing texts fell short of their needs. Yee elaborated on the communicative approach to teaching. All felt the need for a text oriented to communicative activities; most favored the Yale romanization system with non-numerical diacritical marks. Peter stressed the importance of teaching characters beyond romanization. K.C. pointed out how certain particles are treated in Boyle's Cantonese Basic Course exercises with complete disregard for a context for communication. Sam commented on the grammatical aspects of the textbooks in general. K.C. also discussed the official pinyin system for Cantonese used in China, introduced a couple of new textbooks, and showed a video tape entitled Cantonese Measure Words which he had written and produced under the auspices of San Jose State. Peter also brought a materials list to the meeting, and showed a commercially produced Cantonese language video.

KC. Leung, San Jose State University


Pre-CPT, CPT The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) has recently adapted their Pre-Chinese Proficiency Test (Pre-CPT) for use with Cantonese. The center is also working on an adaptation of the more advanced version (CPT) for Cantonese. For more information, please contact Dorry Kenyon ( or Wu Weiping (wu@guvax.acc.georgetown.. edu) of CAL at (202) 429-9292