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CLA Newsletter Volume 3.1 September 1996


Message from the General Secretary

Since our last newsletter, we have continued to see steady growth and interest in the association. Current membership is now at 73. Many have also visited the CLA home page. If you have not yet seen it, try it out. The URL is: /cla/cla_homepage. You may find a membership list there as well.

It is time for membership renewal. We invite current members to send $5 US dues by the end of January. We also invite interested non-members to formally join the association by filling out the membership form in the back of this newsletter or printing the membership form from the CLA Web site. From this time forth, we will take membership dues at the end of each calendar year.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Marjorie Chan of the Ohio State University has been elected by the membership to serve as on the board to replace Samuel Chueng whose term was up this year. I would also like to remind all members that we will be taking nominations for another new board member early in 1996 for another board opening that will come as James Dew's term comes to an end. Members are encouraged to nominate for consideration other CLA members that they think would make excellent candidates for the board.

Lastly, in response to wide interest from CLA members and others, we will be publishing brief reviews in subsequent newsletters on Cantonese teaching materials, references and other materials of interest to members. We welcome your submissions, concerning traditional media and computer-based items. Please send inquiries to Professor Matthew Christensen (address in the back of this issue).

We welcome your participation in the association and in this newsletter. Please forward any items that you think would be of interest to the group for consideration in the next newsletter. Keep on eye on the homepage for further information on materials.


Best Wishes for the new year.


Dana Bourgerie
Editor and CLA General Secretary



Recently Published Resources On Cantonese


New Cantonese Course

The course includes five volumes of text with accompanying audio and video programs, teaching guide, visual aids, and reference guidealso available.
Course Kaleidoscope: A Course in Intermediate to Advanced Spoken Cantonese
Foreign Language Publications, Foreign Language Center, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210.
Volume one
Spoken Cantonese: Context and Performance, by Xiaobin Jian with Matthew
Christensen. Audio and video. Price for set: $140.00.
Volume two
Spoken Cantonese: Performance and Acquisition, by Matthew Christensen and
Xiaobin Jian with Roxana Sukyee Fung and King Szeto. Audio and video.
Price for set: $105.00
Volume three
Spoken Cantonese: Acquisition and Presentation, by Matthew Christensen and
Roxana Sukyee Fung with Xiaobin Jian and King Szeto. Price for set:
Volume four
Spoken Cantonese: Presentation and Context, by Matthew Christensen and
Roxana Sukyee Fung with Xiaobin Jian. Audio and video. Price for set:
(forthcoming, spring 1996).
Volume five
Kaleidoscope, eight transcripts compiled by Roxana Sukyee Fung with Teresa
Wong and Sandy Wong. Audio and video. Price for set: (forthcoming,
spring 1996).



I.Can.Spell is a series of several elementary textbook-readers, songs and restaurant menus in the "Cantonese with Phonetic-Help" concept, using "Integrated Cantonese Spelling" (or "I.Can.Spell").

I.Can.Spell is an English language-friendly system of Cantonese phonetics meant for ordinary people, i.e. non-experts. It incorporates tonal indications using a numeral (2-6) after the word and is usable with an ordinary typewriter or keyboard.

Please give my email address as:

Regards, Paul Wan




CLA World Wide Web Home Page


CLA now has a CLA World Wide Web Home Page. The home page includes the following:


  • Officers
  • Organization Bylaws
  • Back Issues of Newsletters
  • Membership List
  • Cantonese Materials Data Base
  • List of Cantonese Language Programs
  • Links to Other Chinese-Related Sites

    The address is as follows:


    For those of you who are not familiar with World Wide Web (WWW), it is a graphical, menu-based interface to the Internet. Even those among you who are not particular Software to access the Web is be available from most college and university computing centers. Most centers also offer training and help in getting started.


    1996 Meeting of the Yuen Ren Society


    The Society's next conference will be held during the period 17-20 March, 1996, in conjunction with the 206th Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society, in Philadelphia. This will be an open panel discussion of a number of original dialect reports, all of which will appear in the next issue of the Society's journal, the Treasury, which will be available for purchase beginning in late January as well as at the meeting.


    For more information , please see the society's home page at ~yuenren/Circular.html or contact them by email at or by regular mail at:

  • The Yuen Ren Society,
  • att'n: David Prager Branner
  • Asian Languages and Literature, DO-21
  • University of Washington
  • Seattle, WA 98195 USA

    Report on ICCL-4 Cantonese papers

    The following are Cantonese-related papers from the program of the Third International Conference on Chinese Linguistics held this past July in Hong Kong.

    Cheung-shing Samuel Leung. "The development of nominal classifiers in Cantonese children"

    Li Rulong. "Typological Study of Chinese Dialects"

    Kang Kwong Luke and O.T. Nancarrow. "Verbs for wanting and needing in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese"

    Roxana Suk-Yee Fung. "The Double-Sin Construction in Cantonese: A Transition of Word Order Change?"

    Mok Sui-Sang. "The Comparative Marker GWO in Cantonese"

    Fong, Vivien. "A CP/IP Typology of Embedded Clauses in Cantonese"

    Shao Huijin. "ßdªyfªy™§pŸ‹µªP°™®‡°™ß¿"Ÿ

    Anne Yue-Hashimoto. "Syntactic change in process--the comparative construction in Cantonese"

    Cheung Kwan-hin. "The mechanism of tone-melody match in Cantonese songs"

    Wang Lianqing. "Typological Evidence of Genetic Relationship Between Chinese and Its Neighboring Languages."


    ICCL-5 Announcement

    The Fifth International Conference on Chinese Linguistics

    The Graduate Institute of Linguistics of National Tsing Hua University at Hsin-chu, Taiwan, is pleased to host the Fifth International Conference on Chinese Linguistics (ICCL-5) in the summer of 1996. Interested linguists are cordially invited to participate in the Conference.


    Important dates:

    Deadline for Abstracts: December 31, 1995

    Notification of acceptance: February 15, 1996

    Deadline for pre-registration: May 31, 1996

    Conference Dates: June 27-29, 1996



    Call for Abstracts

    Abstracts of original studies in all aspects of Chinese linguistics are invited. Each abstract is not to exceed one A4 or letter-sized page, and is to be contained within a 16cm x 25cm (6in. x 10in.) area. Three copies of the abstract are required. Due to budgetary limitations, we can only acknowledge by email the receipt of abstracts. If the abstract is sent via fax or email, a camera-ready copy of the abstract bearing name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s) is required before May 31 for inclusion in the conference handbook. Please note that the right to present a paper at ICCL-5 is reserved for members of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL). Ask the ICCL-5 Organizing Committee for a membership application form.


    ICCL-5 Reply Slip


    Please contact the organizing committee at the following address for more infomation:

    ICCL-5 Organizing Committee
    Graduate Institute of Linguistics
    National Tsing Hua University
    Hsin-chu 300 Taiwan
    Tel: +886 35 718615
    Fax: +886 35 725994



    C. C. Cheng

    Jerry Packard

    James Yoon


    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will host the Eighth North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics.

    Conference Date: May 17-19, 1996


    Place: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

    Abstract format: Single-spaced, one page abstract with title, author's name, and affiliation. Attach a sheet to give name, email, postal address, fax, and phone.

    Deadline for Abstracts: January 10, 1996 Notification of Acceptance: February 15, 1996

    Email Address:

    Postal Address:

    C. C. Cheng, NACCL96
    Language Learning Laboratory
    University of Illinois
    G70 Foreign Languages Building
    707 South Mathews
    Urbana, IL 61801

    Internet URL:

    Various announcements and information on the University of Illinois are posted here.

    Fax: 217 244-0190
    Phone: 217 333-9776


    China Books Call

    China Books is expanding its publishing program, and would be interested in recieving book proposals from interested teachers. Some areas where we have received requests from customers include:

    1) A good phrase book + audio tape for tourists; general intro to Cantonese, common expressions needed by travelers

    2) Cantonese slang terms, similar to our recently published Outrageous Chinese for Mandarin students (doesn't have to be as salacious as that one, though); illustrations are a plus

    3) Business Cantonese--designed for the businessperson who needs to know some common courtesies, with perhaps some text on negotiating style, do's and don't's, other non-linguistic subjects.

    Interested parties should contact:
    Editorial Dept
    China Books
    2929-24th St
    SF CA 94110
    P.S.--We can't publish scholarly texts



    Charles E. Tuttle Development Grants


    Charles Tuttle E. Publishing Company is offering materials development grants of up to $10,000 for development of language texts and other language reference materials. They are especially interested in Cantonese and other less commonly taught languages. For more information, please contact Edward Cordero at the following address:

    153 Milk Street 5FL
    Boston, MA 02109
    Fax: (617) 951-4080



    Membership Directory (12/95)


    Please report any errors or address changes to the CLA General Secretary

    Cantonese Language Association (CLA)


    Membership Invitation


    The Cantonese Language Association purpose is set out as follows in its bylaws:

    We are invite those interested in the study and teaching of Cantonese to become members Immediate goals of the association will be to create a data base of Cantonese teaching and reference materials and to provide a forum for membership research and development interests. The Association will hold annual meetings, initially in conjunction with the CLTA and AAS annual meetings. An Association newsletter will also be sent to all members. Interested parties may obtain the full bylaws and other details by contacting the CLA Secretary at the address below.





    Name and Title:___________________________________________________________



    Phone: _______________________________


    e-mail: ________________________________

    Area(s) of special interest:


    Please send this application along with annual dues of US $5.00 to the address below:

    Dana Scott Bourgerie, General Secretary
    Cantonese Language Association
    4064 JKHB; Brigham Young University
    Provo, UT 84602
    Tel: (801) 378-4952 Fax: (801) 378-4649