Membership Invitation

Following interest by teachers and scholars of Cantonese, a new organization was formally established in January of 1994, with the help of the National Foreign Language Center and the Organization for Less-Commonly Taught Languages Washington, D.C. We are now inviting those interested in the study and teaching of Cantonese to become members. The purpose of the new organization is set out as follows in its bylaws:

The purpose of the association shall be to facilitate communication amongst teachers and scholars of Cantonese and to promote study and research in the fields of Cantonese language pedagogy, linguistics and culture, and to further the common interests of teachers and scholars of both Standard Cantonese and other Yue dialects.

Immediate goals of the association will be to create a data base of Cantonese teaching and reference materials and to provide a forum for membership research and development interests. The Association will hold annual meetings, initially in conjunction with the CLTA and AAS annual meetings. An Association newsletter will also be sent to all members. Interested parties may obtain the full bylaws and other details by contacting the CLA Secretary at the address below.


Name and Title:___________________________________________________________
Phone:	_______________________________
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Area(s) of special interest:  

Please send this application along with annual dues of US $8.00 to the address below:

Prof. Dana Bourgerie,  General Secretary
Cantonese Language Association
4064 JKHB; Brigham Young University
Provo,  UT 84602
Tel:  (801) 378-4952   Fax: (801) 378-4649

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