Report on Conference of Southern China: Lingnan Lineages and Literati

A conference on the genealogy and cul ture of Southern China was held on the campus of Brigham Young University on August 13-15, 1996, jointly sponsored by Brigham Young University (Deptartment of Asian and Near Eastern Languages and the David M. Kennedy Center) and the Utah Genealogical Society. Nine papers were read in Mandarin, including the following: Also in attendance were Prof. Lam Mong Ling of Feng Chia University and sons, Liu Jianhong (Mrs. Huang Xunba), Mrs. Lee Li-shin and children, Mrs. Edward Peng, and Dr. Loren Singh (Chan), for mer Associate Professor of History at San Jose State University and author of Sagebrush Statesman: Tasker L. Oddie of Nevada (Reno: University of Nevada Press, 1973). Professor Guan Lin, President of South China Normal Teachers University, Guangzhou, was forced to cancel at the last minute due to administrative duties. Dr. Dana Bourgerie introduced the Cantonese Language Association, passed out copies of the newsletter, and recruited several new overseas members.

Even above touring the Great Salt Lake and its environs, the highlight of the con ference was a visit to the Family History Library at the Utah Genealogical Society. Melvin Thatcher gave a presentation on the sources in microfilm on South China, and each delegate had the chance to do a computer search of his or her personal genealogy. Mr. Hou Yuexiang was es pecially fortunate in finding and copying a rare genealogy of the Hou clan. In all, the library includes 910 genealogies, 266 histories, 8 examination records, 248 court records, and 33 biographies from Guangdong province. Other materials on South China in the collection include 1021sources on Fujian, and 392 sources on Guangxi.

Copies of the following books were pre sented by the delegation to the BYU and/or Utah Genealogical Society li braries:

Requests for copies of the papers, includ ing that of Melvin Thatcher, may be ad dressed to David B. Honey in care of the Cantonese Language Association.